My 4 Year Anniversary of Serving Orphaned Children

Somehow the years have passed, and I am now celebrating 4 years of working as Project Manager for 200 Orphanages Worldwide. I am sure many of us feel that over the past 2 years with Covid changing the world, time feels odd and the years somewhat blur together. But when the world changes, we must adapt and that is just … Read More

Helping Orphans. It Takes a Village

By Purnima Iyer, 200 Worldwide perfectly exemplified its core mission to spread sustainable solace recently. A long-awaited clean water well finally started making deep – like really, manna-from-below deep – and immediate impact on the lives of the children at St. Teresa Orphans Foundation (STOF) in Songea Tanzania. On the outskirts of town, the well started pumping buckets and buckets … Read More

2 Years in Review

Two years ago I joined the team at 200 Orphanages Worldwide. When I accepted the opportunity I knew that this would be a unique chance to do something meaningful. The first year was a time of growth and learning. Getting to know founder, Jan Hanson,  from approximately 2,981 miles away and learning how to support her in the best way … Read More

Raising Awareness for Orphans – How You Can Help!

Written by Jan Hanson + Angela McDermott Raising Awareness for Orphans – How You Can Help! Let me tell you a story. A little girl in India lives in Ashirvad. She came down with Typhoid Fever and was very ill. Her caretakers feared the other kids might be exposed. Fortunately for them she was able to be quarantined during her … Read More

A Look Back at My First Year With 200 Orphanages Worldwide

On June 1st of 2018, I said YES to a dream job of joining the team at 200 Orphanages as the new Project Manager. As I have now passed my 1 year anniversary, I took some time to reflect on my top 5 favorite moments that have made this one of the most fulfilling years so far! 5) Getting to … Read More

What One Person Can Do

By Linda Hanson This story started approximately 9 years ago. I was asked to join some work gals and take a Mosaic class in Northeast Minneapolis, little did I know almost a decade later how that action would one day turn into something that would reach across the ocean to Africa. Two years ago when I was asked to go … Read More

Driving Change: The Domino Effect

November is Orphan Awareness Month. Most of you know our mission is to raise awareness and funds for projects that serve orphans. Awareness is a vital piece of the puzzle as we look for ways to make a difference in the world and in the lives of orphans. Awareness is key in that until we begin to see the world … Read More

Giving Thanks FOR YOU!

So, today is a few days after Thanksgiving, my favorite holiday. I had an amazing time as we now live close to two of our daughters and our six grand kids had the run of the house. We ate, we slept, we ate, we watched movies, we ate… you get the picture. I am so grateful to have loving children … Read More