Driving Change: The Domino Effect

untitled-design-2November is Orphan Awareness Month. Most of you know our mission is to raise awareness and funds for projects that serve orphans.

Awareness is a vital piece of the puzzle as we look for ways to make a difference in the world and in the lives of orphans.

Awareness is key in that until we begin to see the world around us, we don’t know what needs to be done or even that there are needs to be met. As we become aware of the needs of those around us, whether they are near or far, we can take the next step and do something.

As for orphans, those working directly with them day in and day out, are most aware of the challenges to be overcome. They understand better than anyone the importance of a safe place to sleep, access to clean water, and reliable transportation for special services and a much-needed education. Our partners keep us informed of the safety and shelter needs and let us know when they need a security wall, a new dormitory, a bus, or another project. We listen and do what we can to raise awareness and funds to help complete the project.

grilsandcropsWhen we become aware, we reach out and spread the word. One person can Drive Change in the lives of so many just by caring enough to pass the information along. It’s been exciting to see how many projects have already been funded because one caring, involved individual shared our post on Facebook or talked with family and friends about how we’re helping. It creates a domino effect that builds as awareness grows, literally.

boy-in-school-burundiCurrent projects

A bus for myLIFEspeaks in Haiti: $15,000 (we have $7,500 matching funds)
A security wall for Sihanoukville Children’s Home in Cambodia ($4,000 left to raise!)
A dormitory for JRMD in Burundi, ($11,600 of $25,700 left to raise!)
A $7,000 greenhouse and mini-tractor at $10,000 for the JBFC farm in Tanzania.

We share because you care!!! Visit our Projects page for more details. Share with people you know to raise awareness and make a difference.

“We can’t do it all, but we can all do something!”

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