Raising Awareness for Orphans – How You Can Help!

Written by Jan Hanson + Angela McDermott

Raising Awareness for Orphans – How You Can Help!

Let me tell you a story. A little girl in India lives in Ashirvad. She came down with Typhoid Fever and was very ill. Her caretakers feared the other kids might be exposed. Fortunately for them she was able to be quarantined during her recovery because our donors funded a sick room for the sick kids.

The mission of 200 Orphanages Worldwide is to raise funds and awareness for orphaned children around the world. We often focus on the raising funds part of our mission and have done a great job of accomplishing that, because of you – our generous supporters. But lately we have been thinking more about the raising awareness part of our mission. Why is this important, how do we do it, and how can we do a better job at it?

Raising awareness helps others learn firsthand about the needs of vulnerable children around the world. Raising awareness means we actively work at sharing the needs of the children, the efforts our partners make to meet those needs, and the everyday countries face that are so foreign to us. How would we know that a child in India would need warm water for showers? Or a sick room, or security cameras? Raising awareness about these needs is the most important thing we do.

How will you know if we don’t share? How would you be able to help?

We believe it is so important to keep you informed so you can understand the needs.  

It’s been our belief since we started that you WANT to help the child in need as much as you can.

Our job is to make sure we are fulfilling this part of our mission.

This year, we will work on improving how do we do this and how we can improve.

The message we want to share this year is that we can all participate in raising awareness.

Anyone can do it!  Even you!

Many times mentioning the name of 200 Orphanages Worldwide is enough to peak someone’s interest. Recently Jan shared the story about how her local bank waived some standard fees because of learning more about our mission and the work we do. There are opportunities throughout the day to tell others about the children in need of safety, shelter, and sustainability.

  • Are your Coworkers, Neighbors, Church Members familiar with 200 Orphanages Worldwide? Would they like to know more about our projects?
  • Have you recently shared a post from our Facebook page?  
  • Would you consider forwarding our latest monthly email newsletter to friends and family members who may be interested in learning more? Even post it on Twitter, LinkedIn or one of the social media sites you are active on?

In 2020 we plan to strengthen our storytelling by following up on funded projects so you can better understand the impact your help makes directly in the well-being of the children thousands of miles away.

We’ll also be sharing more about the current events surrounding the areas we serve. One of our partnering organizations, myLIFEspeaks, has been challenged over the past year because of the political unrest in Haiti. We are working to better understand these events and talking with their leadership to see how we can make a difference during times like these. As we gain that information, we want to share it with you so that you can help us share with others. We also want to increase the ways we are letting you know about updates. Not only through social media and email newsletters, but through video messages and other news outlets.

Raising awareness is not only part of our mission but is vital to the sustainability of the organization. We want to let others know about the work we do and how they can get involved. Will you help us in this work? We would love to hear from you on how you plan to come alongside us in 2020 to raise awareness and funds for orphaned children around the world.

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-Jan Hanson + Angela McDermott

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