We can’t do it all, but we can all do something…

Since 2008, we've worked with more than 20 partners in 18 countries. Each partner is unique, yet  each are helping an orphan have a full and productive life. Our partners, some of them featured below, believe in holistic care providing a home environment with loving caretakers, an education, social activities, as well as medical care when needed. They care for the children into adulthood. Many children when they are grown come back to help as a way of saying thank you. 

Our Partners

Our partners come to us in a variety of ways. Often they are word of mouth referrals, and at times they hear about us and apply online. In any case, our board of directors reviews the application and after much consideration, a partner is approved. After the approval process, we ask for a project proposal which our board also reviews and once its approved.... the fun begins! We love helping our partners provide safety shelter and sustainability for the children in their care. We like to call that feeling "Pure Joy".
Partner Application


MainSprings, Tanzania 

Mainsprings believes no child should have to grow up in extreme poverty. They take a holistic approach to change in East Africa by providing refuge for abused and abandoned girls, quality primary and secondary education, access to rural healthcare and economic opportunity through permaculture. As a long time partner of 200 Orphanages, we are pleased to fund numerous projects over the years including dormitories, tractors, irrigation and green houses. 

Read more about one of the projects we have funded for MainSprings here.


St. Teresa's Orphan Foundation

St. Teresa's Orphan Foundation, Tanzania

St. Teresa’s loves and cares for orphans and vulnerable children by providing them with basic needs such a food, shelter, clothing and medical care. Our loyal supporters have funded multiple projects for St. Teresa’s over the years through an annual event, Tanzania Tonight. Donors have passionately provided funds for a full clean water system to be built, plumbed, and run throughout their Tanzanian campus. 

Read more about one of the projects we have funded for St. Teresa's here.


Global Orphan Relief

Global Orphan Relief, Sudan

 The mission of Global Orphan Relief is to provide loving support for orphaned children, fostering a greater capacity for physical, spiritual, and emotional healing and growth. As one of our newest partners, 200 Orphanages is working toward raising funds for a clean water well in Southern Sudan. Global orphan Relief is based in Colorado and supports partners in Sudan, Kenya, and Pakistan. 

We are currently raising funds for our very first project with Global Orphan Relief. Read more about that project here. 


Open Arms

Open Arms International, Kenya

The mission of Open Arms is to provide relief from physical, emotional, and spiritual suffering through medical expertise, education, and Christian ministry. We began partnering them in 2020 by first supporting their Kenya location through our Emergency Relief Fund, providing support during the first days of the worldwide Covid-19 pandemic. We have continued to fund shelter and sustainability projects.

Read more about one of the projects we have funded for Open Arms International here.


People of Peru

People of Peru Project, Peru

People of Peru Project exists to serve disadvantaged children through fighting against human trafficking and the exploitation of children. They also provide medical and dental care, and health education to thousands of children. 200 Orphanages has funded projects that have provided dollars to renovate housing and allow more children to be supported by the organization.

Read more about one of the projects we have funded for People for Peru Project here.



My Life Speaks

My Life Speaks, Haiti

Our partner organization in Neply Haiti provides programs and resources to support special needs children and their families. They  work to keep the children with family and provide medical care, physical therapy, food assistance, health clinics, education, and support groups. 200 Orphanages has supported myLIFEspeaks funding a school bus, a clean water well, even therapy equipment for orphaned children and emergency assistance. MyLIFESpeaks has weathered many storms, including the pandemic and civil unrest. They respond to the needs of the families even through these times.  

Read more about one of the projects we have funded for myLIFEspeaks here.



NPH Guatemala

NPH, Mexico & Guatemala

Our wonderful, long term relationship with NPH, formerly Friends of Orphans saw many successes. One of our first projects funded was disaster relief projects was sending funds to help NPH Haiti after the earthquake, then later NPH Mexico an earthquake. The special needs children in Guatemala learn basic trades such as working in a Canteen for long term sustainability. We helped fund the building of the Canteen. We have worked with other NPH International locations, including NPH Mexico and NPH Haiti. 

Read more about one of the projects we have funded for NPH Guatemala here.


Angel of Mercy

Angel of Mercy, Cameroon

Relindis Moffor from Cameroon wanted to help the HIV/AIDS orphans in her hometown of Bemenda. She donated land she inherited from her mother and began to build housing for abandoned children. Over the years we helped fund a dormitory and administration building, a security wall, livestock shelters, and more. She continues her work helping HIV/AIDS patients live productive lives as well as caring for the orphans residing at Angel of Mercy. 

Read more about one of the projects we have funded for Angel of Mercy here. 


Ashirvad Children's Home

Ashirvad Children's Home, India

We partnered with Ashirvad India through Halo Foundation in Kansas City on many projects including a school bus, a dining hall, a steam kitchen, even security cameras. They serve orphans and children in extreme poverty in rural India to provide brighter futures. The children have their education sponsored and many have gone on to secondary education. 

Read more about one of the projects we have funded for Ashirvad here



Orphan Relief Effort

Orphan Relief Effort, Myanmar

We've worked with Orphan Relief Effort to help provide safety and shelter for the children in Myanmar. The civil war and strive has taken its toll on its citizens, but Orphan Relief has provided a respite for the children in need. We helped provide funds for the dormitories in Myanmar in order for the children to have a safe place to call home. Orphan Relief Effort has homes for orphans in both Myanmar and Nepal.

Read more about one of the projects we have funded for Orphan Relief Effort here. 



Nibakure Children's Village

Nibakure Children's Village, Rwanda

One of our first partners in helping raise funds for orphans was Floriane Nibakure, from Rwanda. Our funder met Floriane in Minnesota where they both resided and the rest is history. Fast friends in the mission, the first project was providing funds for a fence around the compound. The fence was completed, along with a well, dormitories and agricultural and livestock shelters. Sadly, the government decided to close all orphanages in Rwanda and Florian's vision turned to creating a school for children in the community called Nibakure Community Village near Nyamata. Her heart to help unfortunate and vulnerable children and help them have a future and a hope stands strong, as does the fence we funded those many years ago!

Read more about one of the projects we have funded for Nibakure Children's Village  here.