You’re Making A Difference In 2016

What happened? It’s almost 4th of July, 2016 and I’m amazed at how fast time goes. That being said, we’re moving sure and steady in our work on behalf of the orphans. Our 2016 theme is “Remember the Orphan in 2016.” I believe the message to help an orphan is getting through, as we are making an impact in the lives of orphans because of the supporters and donors who are catching the vision.

We just sent $25,000 to Ashirvad Children’s Home so this small family of 100 children can have a bus! We need a Minivan, sedan or SUV, they need a bus to cart their family around! Thank you for your support and thank you Kim and Dan Anderson and their AWESOME fund raising team for the successful event in April. I’m so proud to know you! That was a fun event and I know it took hundreds of hours. Thank you!

Karu well 2Also, the well was dug in India thanks to Joy Christian Center, St. Cloud Mn. Pastor Brian agreed to help provide clean water for the poorest of the poor for Mercy Homes in India.

We also are beginning three major campaigns. We are helping complete the dormitory for 80 orphans in Burundi, buying a school bus for in Neply Haiti and we’re repairing a roof for the dining hall for 50 orphans in Cambodia. These are amazing partners and we are so happy to be able to help maMerdine-and-her-house-parentsmallke the lives of orphans so much brighter.

We’re building capacity in our organization, adding three new board members. Milind Lele, Sarah Rodrigues, and Tom Freestone all from Seattle area. We also have lots of volunteers who are wanting to help us with events here in the Pacific Northwest. So, I am optimistic that not only will we continue building on the foundation of supporters in Minnesota, but we’re goingIMG_4521 to build a whole new base in Washington. Exciting stuff and we’ll enjoy seeing lives enriched because of the opportunities provided in helping orphans.

The second half of 2016 will be purposeful, as there is so much to do. But, because there are more and more people willing to help us with the work, we can get so much more done!

Fred Cornforth, our co-founder and board chair from 8 years ago, still has a passion for the work he helped start. His company’s getting behind our work with administrative help as well as volunteer travel mobilization. We’re excited to see this part of our mission develop with Fred’s team making things happen.

lovelygirljrmdI’m so touched that we are able to make a difference in the lives of orphans. My heart is full when I think of the kids who will have safety, shelter and sustainability because of our work. I can only imagine the relief the children feel simply by having a safe place to call home.

Bless you! Have a safe 4th of July!



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