Safe and Sound

marylikenschungWhen I think about the children in the care of our partners around the world, I like to imagine what it’s like for them going about their daily lives. When they wake up and get ready for school, I imagine some are morning people, eager and ready to face the day. Still, I imagine others wishing they could stay in bed just a little longer (like me!). I imagine some will arrive at school feeling confident and excited to learn, while others may struggle for one reason or another. I see them playing with their friends, and some are extroverts. Some of the kids are introverts, like me, comfortable with a small group, quietly sharing their precious hopes and dreams with a few trusted companions. But, even in my imaginings, I know that each one of the children has the common bond of experiencing trauma early in life.

KUSUMAIt’s unspeakable what some of the children have experienced. Some have been surrounded by violence and destruction of their homes, all have been abandoned and experienced loss. Many of us can relate. I didn’t lose my family, but it was highly dysfunctional with an element of violence.  I know from personal experience that emotional trauma, especially at a young age, affects healthy development. There are areas of healing which need to take place beyond having physical needs met. Thankfully, our partner sites are addressing the emotional needs of the children, in addition to providing food, shelter, and clothing.

I love what we at 200 Orphanages have accomplished with the help of supporters in providing safety and shelter for the most vulnerable children. Safety is a basic human need, and when children feel safe they begin to heal, and even thrive.

We may take safety for granted; like curling up in our soft bed surrounded by secure walls in a warm house and on a well lit street. Many children in the world aren’t so fortunate. That’s is why we are passionate about our mission to provide safety and shelter for abandoned and orphaned children. It’s just our part relieving fears in a child who has experienced things many of us can’t even imagine. The projects 200 Orphanages funds are essential components of helping the children grow up into caring, productive individuals. It’s these same children who will in turn help others and be leaders in their communities.

If you take a moment or two, you can imagine a child living far away who may share your sense of humor and boisterous laugh; or maybe she loves the freedom and exhilaration she gets when she runs as fast as she can. These children are real, have real needs, and we provide ways in which you can help. You may have resources of time, money, influence and talents to provide a child with just what she needs. Many people donate monthly, or one time to a project they feel touched by. You can learn more about the projects at In any case, please reach out and we can help you help them! Join our growing army of orphan care heroes!

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