Re-Visioning Happens.

We Make A Difference.

We Make A Difference.

I wonder if Re-Visioning is even a word. But, let’s pretend it is since I didn’t get spell checked. As a nonprofit founder and director, fresh directions are the lifeblood of our organization. That’s why I love my work.

Recently I had the pleasure of meeting a colleague who works for a much larger but similar organization. I wanted to learn about them and what they do. Anyway… he said some things that set off a firestorm in my head. One especially poignant comment was that my vision wasn’t big enough.

Hmmmph. Yup. You heard me. Hmmmph. That’s the guttural sound for ‘you don’t know what you’re talking about’. I guess working to make sure every orphan IN THE WORLD has a safe place to call home isn’t a big enough vision for BIG O VISION over there. But, sarcasm aside, I really thought my vision big enough. Here’s why: I have never worked for a nonprofit, never raised funds, nor had I ever worked in an orphanage. I really  just wanted to do something to help orphans. So, I stretched myself as far as I could and started to help raise funds to provide safety, shelter and sustainability for orphans. I thought it was a big vision. And we’ve done a few things, like fund two orphan homes, security walls, fences, livestock pens, guard houses, wells, classrooms, outdoor kitchens and latrines, and dining halls.

Our Vision's Impact

Our Vision’s Impact

As with all organizations, there are times of change, re ordering and adjusting. Sometimes outward circumstances create opportunities to re-vision, such as a board member leaving or the executive director moving to a new city. (More on that later)But, sometimes a new vision isn’t what’s needed at all. Sometimes what’s needed is more of the same of that really good original vision. Re-visioning for me means digging deeper, reaching farther, expanding wider.  After all, there still are  TOO MANY orphans without a safe place to call home. By the way…one is too many.

But, I did write a few things down by way of digging deeper, reaching farther, expanding wider.

Check out my 10 in 10 Years Vision:

  1. Raise up 10 volunteer directors in 10 states/locations
  2. Add 10 more partners/projects
  3. Fund $200,000 in projects annually
  4. 10 fund raisers/6 major fund raisers: $20,000 each
  5. 10 New Large Donors/4 Major donors: $50,000
  6. Build recurring donor base to $10,000 per year.
  7. Build grant sources for Art Programs to $20,000
  8. Build multi-city volunteer base to 100 volunteers
  9. Develop fund raising list to 2,000
  10. Develop 10 board members

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