Happy New Year!

It’s crazy to think another year has passed and here we are in 2016!

Back in 2008, we began the process of helping partners raise awareness and funds to provide safety, shelter and sustainability. You have been with us all the way!


We had an amazing year in 2015 even with my own personal relocation and the distractions that brought! But, together as supporters and volunteers you helped Ashirvad Orphan Home in India build their dining hall, we helped Angel of Mercy in Cameroon complete Phase One of their complex, we helped build a security wall around Mercy Homes in India and helped provide irrigation for the crops in Tanzania.

Later in the year, Kim and Dan Anderson, Binu Mathew and myself traveled to India to meet the kids and staff of Mercy Homes and Ashirvad. It was life changing meeting the lovelDSC_7261y children who are amazing in every way. They work so hard to study in school, to take care of each other and to live lives worthy of the gifts you have given. It was so heartwarming.


You helped us raised funds throughout the year with a dance, a golf tournament, a 5K, an online match campaign, and with online requests.  We’ve presented the need, and you’ve come through every time.

20150401_094343Just this afternoon I received an email from Chris Hoyt with NPH- International. Your financial help is providing training for sustainability the disabled children at the home in Guatemala. Your help is so appreciated, and Chris, the director of the home in Guatemala, shared with me that the project has been such a success.

“I cannot remember if I told you, but the kids were able to use their earnings to purchase their own stove and refrigerator.  Now, we are building credits in order to reward positive behavior and academic achievement among our students.  Thank you again for making this a possibility!” Chris Hoyt.

Stories like this one inspire me! It warms my heart that when you hear about a need, you fill that need. It warms my heart that you believe in the work we do and you want to help the children too. This past December, when we called for help on digging a well for our new partner JRMD.org Burundi, you came through. We raised enough to dig the well and sent funds a few days ago. You amaze me. The dug in about 4 months and because of you, the kids at the school and those who will live in the dorm will have fresh water when they need it!

Just so you know, we’re marching with a fierce determination into 2016!  There are tractors and buses to provide, there are agricultural projects, there are tanks for the water supply, dormitories and security walls to build. All of these things so the kids can have safety, shelter and sustainability.

This year, we’ll be seeking volunteers to help with fund raising activities all across the nation. We’ll be seeking one time and recurring support. We’ll be seeking new board members and administration volunteers as the year unfolds. We’ve got so much to do! You can be a part of making a child smile! The needs are great!

We can’t do it all, but we can all do something!


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