Guest Blogger: Everyone Doing Something IS Everything

fredandjill2Collateral Damage,
Collateral Beauty

By Fred Cornforth

Not sure when it began in me–this passion to help orphans. But I remember my response–it was immediate and with my whole being.

Orphans. I thought it unbelievable that someone would have to go through that experience, but I knew early in my life I wanted to do something about it. It’s heart-rending to me.

Orphans. An earthquake, a tsunami, devastation brought on by economic distress or war–disease, all are life up-ending events. Some areas are hit by two or even more of these unfortunate occurrences… and what is the collateral damage?

Orphans. The kids…and they are just kids. It’s the kids who are left on their own, some will die, some will be exploited, and yet some, in fact, will find caring people who’ll take them in.

We can’t do it all, but as a growing group of caring people at 200 Orphanages World Wide, we are doing something about it, every chance the opportunity to help presents itself.

Next time you see something–something devastating–think about the kids left behind, then act! Rather than turn your head or heart from the TV or your laptop, think about the $25 you can spare, knowing there’s group of people, just like you, who are dedicated to doing something to help.

Orphans: Respond to the needs when you hear of them.  Give generously or with your time. There are MANY ways you can take action. Think about approaching a service group like Rotary, Lions, or Kiwanis, any number of groups like churches, or even schools–I even know of one 4th grade elementary class that raised $1280.00 for an orphanage in Mexico. There’s a service group that sent 25 members to help run a medical and dental clinic for 250 orphans in Haiti that needed the care. Have a yard sale at your church, synagogue or mosque, or do one together, making it a cross-faith experience! See your community, not by who’s a member here or there, but as a group of people that can rally together in response to devastation when it hits. When we come together, in response to the collateral damage impacting kids, we emerge, in a collateral beauty and goodness, seen all too rarely. The goodness of people comes out when we are working together, with a force far stronger than anything nature can conjure, far more reaching than any war raged by man.

Next time you see a need, look, observe, feel, sense and see, THEN respond. Move toward the solution, and away from denial or being overwhelmed. Working together, people helping people, because its the right thing to do, because then a collateral beauty will emerge.


C Fred Cornforth,
Co Founder 200 Orphanages Worldwide
Chief Executive Officer, CDI Group of Companies

Garden City, ID 83714 (208) 459-8522

Fred’s crew, board members and wives at the CDI annual board retreat in Washington state. All of them are happy to serve orphans in anyway they can.


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