I have a renewed appreciation for Labor Day. It feels as if I have been working like a dog for months and yesterday I went with the family to the Evergreen State Fair in Monroe Washington. We ate junk food and watched our grandchildren enjoy the fair. Life is good. But now it’s back to work. I’m trying to raise … Read More

Re-Visioning Happens.

I wonder if Re-Visioning is even a word. But, let’s pretend it is since I didn’t get spell checked. As a nonprofit founder and director, fresh directions are the lifeblood of our organization. That’s why I love my work. Recently I had the pleasure of meeting a colleague who works for a much larger but similar organization. I wanted to learn about them and what … Read More


Happy is… Raising $8200 for Angel of Mercy and JBFC at the Golf NINE 4 Orphans this year. Happy is  that Kim Larsen did such a great job organizing the event; food was awesome, contests FUN! Happy is that we were able to secure more Underwriters for our event this year. Happy is that we had returning golfers this year and many … Read More

Your Impact

I hope you enjoy the “Your Impact” 2013 Report.

Love, Verb or Noun?

Love! In plain English, the best holiday gift is not a noun, but in our world, LOVE is the real thing: a verb. Love is an action word and it’s why we do what we do, loving God and loving children in deed. Gifts of love the verb take many forms in our world. These include helping move our mission forward in … Read More

In Retrospect

We’ve been busy It was about 5 years ago we sent our first disbursement of funds to help rebuild the orphanage for NPH-Haiti after the earthquake. Since then, we’ve funded a fence, outdoor kitchen, guard and dog house  in Rwanda, we’ve helped construct an orphan home and wells for orphan homes in India, we’ve funded an HIV /AIDS orphan home, … Read More