A Library and A Quilt

I rememDSC_7469ber as a kid how much I loved reading and going to the library. I read and read during summer months and my imagination flourished with visions and adventures. So, when Raja and Sudha at Ashirvad said they would use some of the remaining funds from the dining hall on building a library, I was so excited. I had visions of the kids reading, doing homework, writing in those walls. Before we went to India we connected with a group of school children in St. Cloud MN who were excited to be pen pals with the kids in India. So, we thought weDSC_7481‘d start with exchanging art work and when completed we’d exchange a quilt made by volunteers in MN.

Soon we’ll send the quilt with Minnesota school children art on a quilt to hang on the wall in India. Just another way we’re touching lives of orphans and building brighter futures.




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