The welcome center at Angels Home For Orphans.

Serenity Homes

Angel of Mercy has been a long-term partner of 200 Orphanages. The U.S. organization is based in Oakdale, Minnesota, and was founded by Relindis Moffor. The group strives to alleviate the suffering of those afflicted with HIV/AIDS in Cameroon by providing health care, nutrition, and education.

200 Orphanages has helped Angel of Mercy raise funds to build a family-style home for 16 HIV/AIDS orphans so the children can have the day-to-day care they need to live fulfilling lives. We also assisted with building a security wall and providing electricity. Your help provides infrastructure and a brigher future for the children.

The HIV/AIDS virus has effected many developing nations, and those who suffer the most are the children. Many have been orphaned because their parents died of the disease, and they are often left in poverty to be cared for by family or others.

Our mission is to help provide safety, shelter, and sustainability for orphans.  These projects help the children become better equipped so they can contribute to those around them, their communities, and the world.

Every orphan deserves a safe place to call home.

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