Making Good Happen

There is not a lot of wand waving going on around here… just day to day hard work and tireless effort by lots of people doing good on behalf of the orphans. This March, we have three fund raisers, March 20, 21 and 22. Volunteers are making these happen, but we need sponsors and participants! March 20: Safe Haven Benefit … Read More

Your Impact

I hope you enjoy the “Your Impact” 2013 Report.

Love, Verb or Noun?

Love! In plain English, the best holiday gift is not a noun, but in our world, LOVE is the real thing: a verb. Love is an action word and it’s why we do what we do, loving God and loving children in deed. Gifts of love the verb take many forms in our world. These include helping move our mission forward in … Read More

In Retrospect

We’ve been busy It was about 5 years ago we sent our first disbursement of funds to help rebuild the orphanage for NPH-Haiti after the earthquake. Since then, we’ve funded a fence, outdoor kitchen, guard and dog house  in Rwanda, we’ve helped construct an orphan home and wells for orphan homes in India, we’ve funded an HIV /AIDS orphan home, … Read More