Serenity Homes: $2500 Funded

Repairs funded for Angel of Mercy

We funded this project in December 2017. We’ll be updating the progress as we get photos and reports.

The residence for the children living at Angel of Mercy Cameroon needs some TLC.


  • Rebuild of Kitchen Fire Side:  $513.00
  • Plumbing: #501.00
  • Repainting:  $991.00
  • Other repairs

Total Costs:  $2500.00

Kitchen/ Fireside:

This is the temporal firewood kitchen that was built with tiles. With time and use, most of the tiles have come off, broken or the fireplace has been destroyed.  Cost: $513

Broken Pipe:

The walls of the dormitory have a broken pipe inside and water is leaking inside the walls. The water has to be shut off and therefore the children  bathe and use the pit toilet and the showers at the back of the campus. This dormitory was built with mud bricks. When it soaks, bricks gets weaker and weaker. It can cause the walls to collapse if not taken care of.  Cost: $501.00


The walls outside the dorm and the kitchen need repainting. First picture is the front WALLS of the dormitory. 2nd and 3rdpicture is the kitchen walls.  Cost: $901.00

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