Funds For The Fence UPDATE!

Dudley Miller hosted a Party With Purpose July 26th. We are so thrilled to have one of our supporters host an event for his friends, family, and community in an effort to raise funds to build the security fence in Tanzania!

All funds raised will be used to help complete the finishing touches on a brand-new orphanage for abused, orphaned girls age 4-6 in Tanzania.

$1,500 was raised at Torie’s event in February… with ta $1,500 match. Then… Redmond Rotary’s grant of $1,500 was applied…

The remaining $3,000 needed needed to complete a security wall and gate to keep these precious girls safe is slowly being reduced! Dudley organized his Neighborhood Party to raise awareness and funds for a security fence and gate for the girls in Mainsprings Tanzania. He invited friends and family to participate. All his friends and family are enthusiastic to help the girls have a safe place to call home. Dudley’s passion touched everyone in the room. So many want to help. Get this:

 Dudley’s wife Kathleen lovingly donated toward the two gates for the security fence on behalf of the Dudley and Kathleen Miller Family as a surprise. She sited a Bible verse that reminded her of her husband’s vision:

2nd Samuel 18:26
“Then the watchman saw another runner and he called down to the gatekeeper, “Look, another man running alone!”
The King said, “He must be bringing good news, too!”

Well… there you go! Here’s good news! We’re so close to completing the fundraising for the gate… Other donations, and some of our non-designated funds will be applied, to make the total needed $1,850!

You can finish it off if you want!

Thanks to all who attended Dudley’s Neighborhood Gathering.

  200 Orphanages is honored to partner once again with Mainsprings Tanzania to provide a warm, loving and safe environment to some of Tanzania’s most vulnerable – 19 abused, and now orphaned, girls age 4-6 who have been selected to be the first residents of a brand-new Children’s Home in  Tanzania. The home will eventually house up to 50 girls, and the first children can move in as soon as the security wall and gate are