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Safe Shelter For the Girls

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Help with finishing touches on a brand-new orphanage for abused, orphaned girls age 4-6 in Tanzania.

$7,500 is needed to complete a security wall and gate to keep these precious girls safe.

Help put the finishing touches on a brand-new home for abused, orphaned girls, age 4-6, in Tanzania

Every Dollar Makes an Impact!

-$7,500 needed to complete a security wall and gate to keep these precious girls safe

 200 Orphanages is honored to partner once again with Mainsprings Tanzania to provide a warm, loving and safe environment to some of Tanzania’s most vulnerable – 8 abused, and now orphaned, girls age 4-6 who have been selected to be the first residents of a brand-new Children’s Home in  Tanzania. The home will eventually house up to 50 girls, and the first children can move in as soon as the security wall and gate are complete.

The security wall and gate costs $7,500 and every contribution counts:

If 20 friends donate $31 a month for one year = $7,500

If 50 friends or family donate $150 one time = $7,500

One gift of $25 can help us purchase the materials to construct this gate.

200 Orphanages was founded in 2008 and has completed more than 50 projects providing safety, she

Birthday Parties With Purpose allow people to dedicate their own birthdays to celebrate 200 Orphanages’ tenth birthday of helping orphans around the globe have safety and shelter. Its partner for this project, Mainsprings Tanzania, is headquartered in US and has been serving orphans in Tanzania since 2006.

Some Facts For Tanzania:

More than 1/3 of the population lives in extreme poverty and earns less than $2 a day.

35% of children under age 5 are chronically malnourished.

There is only one doctor for every 33,000 people.

In Mainsprings’ region, there are more than 110 children per classroom in primary school and more than 5 children per desk.

Less than half of all Tanzanian children will complete the 7th grade.

Only 1 out of 10 rural children even attends secondary school.