February 15! A Gathering Place, Colorado!

A Gathering Place Colorado!

NOW Colorado is in the House!

February 15!

Help Cindy Moffitt Complete The Gathering Place project by raising $3,500 dollars to complete the project for the girls in Tanzania…

This safe space will be for the girls to use for leisure, reading, or studying. The girls can spend time in fellowship and enjoy the great outdoors even during the raining season.

Cindy Moffitt, Colorado, volunteered to draft the design of the paving and patio Pavilion and now she’s hosting Gathering Place Colorado Feb. 15 !

It’s our second event for this project and we’re so excited to see it completed! You can help! If you can’t attend… you can still contribute!

Join Cindy and guests so the girls will soon have their Gathering Place!

We Can’t Do It All,
But We Can All Do Something!