Water Project, Phase 1: $25,000 – Funded!

Organization: MainSprings
Country: Tanzania
Mission Focus Area: Sustainability

Water is key to everything- from farming to living.

Mainsprings Tanzania is seeking to install several tanks as well as a solar water pump, filter, and piping to have running water available on all parts of our campus. The funding for this project will be in phases for the total project to cost $60,000.

The impact of the well and pump will be felt community wide.

  • The water will be pumped out of a shallow well on the shore of the lake, using a solar water pump, and will go into a variety of large tanks, built on rock towers, across the campus.
  • The water pump will be able to pump at least 60,000 liters of water daily.
  • Beyond supplying our campus, which will eventually educate over 400 children and have about 70-75 staff daily, with clean, potable water, there will be 2 faucets that are pumped to convenient places in the village.
  • The water that is used on our campus will be purified using a solar powered UV filter.
  • The water that is going to the village will be purified using a slow-sand filter.
  • The village we live in has 1,500 houses, with an average of 5 members per household, bringing the potential ‘users’ of this clean and accessible water to 7,500, plus the 470 on our campus.

Helping fund this well will make a difference on the campus, to the girls in need as well as the surrounding community.

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