Tractor Funded & Delivered!

Donors Fred Cornforth and Jeff Irish Family have fully funded the tractor at $10,000. Funds were also sent for a greenhouse which will be constructed this fall. The supplier of the tractor was so touched by the donations for sustainability for the orphans, he lowered his price. It was enough so with a few additional dollars from JBFC, they were able to purchase two tractors and some necessary parts. Do you know how much this automation will improve crop production? This is sustainability in action…! Thank you for your generosity.

The Janada L. Batchalor Foundation for Children (JBFC) has demonstrated a track record of success in impacting the lives of impoverished children in rural East Africa.One of the current needs at the home was a mini tractor equipped with a rototiller, an aerator, and a trailer.

JBFC farm workers currently till the land by hand. The mini tractor would minimize those efforts, plus make adding manure faster and easier. The tractor is intended to improve production so they will be able to produce more vegetables and feed more people. They currently feed 375 people daily at the school. Also, anytime equipment is needed, it has to be rented. Having a tractor available would save money on future construction projects.

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