MyLifeSpeaks Bus: $15,000 FUNDED

We are so excited to share that the bus has arrived! Stay Tuned for more!

The myLIFEspeaks orphan care program integrates special needs children with typically developing children in a FAMILY setting. Children who are accepted are placed with Haitian house parents in a home that is owned or rented by myLIFEspeaks.

myLIFEspeaks allows orphaned children to become a part of a Forever Family with a mom and dad, sisters and brothers, and other extended family of the houseparents. The houseparents are trained and supported by myLIFEspeaks staff and work as a team with teachers, medical care providers, physical therapists, and other support staff to provide the best care possible.

The need for volunteers and suitable transportation is evident as the group takes in 500+ volunteers each year to help move their mission forward. The bus costs $15,000.

The children and their families are fully integrated into the community, attending church, school, and social functions. myLIFEspeaks is committed to accepting only true orphans, those who do not have parents or have been abandoned, into their care.

The founders, Mike and Melissa Olson, traveled on missions trips to Haiti and ultimately founded the organization. They have six children of their own, some of who are special needs children adopted from Haiti. They currently live in Haiti and operate the homes and organization.

A large part of the work of volunteers is transporting both children with special needs and volunteers to medical appointments, training, and other events. With the new bus, the organization will continue the vision.

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