Materials for Special Ed.: $2,435 – Funded!

Organization: myLIFEspeaks
Country: Haiti
Mission Focus Area: Sustainability

myLIFEspeaks is seeking funding for the materials needed to set up a new special education classroom in Haiti. The space will serve several of their orphaned children that live on site, as well as other community children with special needs.

myLIFEspeaks exists to help children with special needs who have been outcast by their family, primarily because of the influence of voodoo culture.

This is a project with a big impact as it will help children presently and for years to come. You can pick portions of the budget that you want to fund or decide to support the entire thing – any amount will help!

Special Education Classroom Budget: 

  • New Student Tables: $200
  • Student Chairs: $200
  • New Teacher Desk: $ 100
  • Shelves: $200
  • Stepstool for Chalkboard: $25
  • Paint for Walls: $200
  • Paint for Furniture: $125
  • Chalkboard: $60
  • Fans: $100
  • Rugs: $150
  • Bluetooth Speaker: $30
  • Supplies in Country: $100
  • Supplies Online: $500
  • Diapers/Wipes for a Year: $120
  • Restocking Existing SPED Classrooms: $500

Total: $2435

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