Mainsprings Girls Dorm: $50,000 FUNDED!

Welcome Home!

The requested $50,000 is doing its work and the first of the 50 girls will soon call it home.

Thank you Fred Cornforth and CDI for your generous support of this project. The funds have been sent and the buildings are ready for residents!

Mainsprings is duplicating the work they do in Mwanza with another campus in rural Tanzania. The plan is to have a home for vulnerable girls where they can be educated, provided with all the services and support needed to grow into leaders and productive citizens.

Mainsprings has spent the last 11 years developing the campus model and experiencing the impact it has on the children, staff, local community, and even larger district. When the government heard about Mainsprings’ plans to expand, helped identify areas of great need.

Currently, Mainsprings is in the process of growing the rest of our model, starting with the girls’ home, then the school, then healthcare.  Over the next decade, we intend to complete this campus along with two other campuses in order to affect the lives of thousands of children and their families across Tanzania and greater East Africa.

200 Orphanages is committed to helping build the girls home to ensure the needs of orphaned and vulnerable girls are met in this region as well. You can donate toward this work! There will be many more needs as the girls move in!

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