Greenhouse Tanzania $6,000 FUNDED

Our generous donors have funded this greenhouse with $6,000!

We move this need to the top of the list and donors responded! We had a lovely family join our efforts in helping JBFC build the greenhouse for their crops. Please help by donating today!

The JBFC farm is making a difference in the nearby community of Kitongo, acting as a catalyst for the local economy. Since boosting agricultural production, Kitongo now has a local market where villagers can buy and sell goods. Before JBFC, villagers would have had to walk six miles to reach the nearest market.

Providing funds for a greenhouse can bring returns year after year, making sustainability possible for vulnerable children. The JBFC greenhouse would be an expansion of the aquaponics program and include growing seeds for profitable vegetables such as red cabbage, lettuce, and leeks. The program would provide more protein for the residents of the home and provide rich water for the greenhouse crops.

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