Dormitory Myanmar $2,500 FUNDED!

Great News… A donor from Yvonne and Bill Morgan’s church teamed up with their Rotary Club and are donating $5,000 for this project.  Remaining amount needed is $2,500 or so.

The Morgans are the founders of Orphan Relief Effort based in Edmonds Oklahoma. After years working with orphan children in Kenya, Yvonne and Bill Morgan were contacted to help with orphan homes in Nepal and Myanmar.

We are partnering with Orphan Relief Effort to help build a dormitory so 25 more children can be added to their family! The need is great. So many children are living in extreme poverty and hopelessness.

Myanmar is a developing country and has welcomed the Morgans as they provide housing and a stable upbringing for 25 vulnerable children. The country has high unemployment and the orphanage is in a town of about 80,000 with one small airport. It is not a tourist area, so there are very few visitors and few opportunities to work.

The Morgans work with their own donors to provide for the children’s day to day needs. But, the infrastructure projects often remain unfinished for lack of funds. But the need is great. Most of the children that live in the home are true orphans as many families were lost in the war over the last 5-10 years in the Maoist revolution.

At the home, the children go to school and receive medical care. They learn skills to help them survive into adulthood. The home also has a vegetable garden, several pigs and countless ducks (for the eggs), so the children learn about farming and animal husbandry as daily chores to learn to care for the garden and animals.

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