Clean Water: $38,761.90 – Funded!

Organization: St. Teresa’s Orphanages Foundation
Country: Tanzania
Mission Focus Area: Sustainability

Tanzania has about 1.3 million orphans and St. Teresa’s helps those children in need in her own community. There are challenges and the needs are constant. Obtaining and accessing clean water, growing crops and managing livestock in the continuous dry climate is always a challenge.

St. Teresa Orphans Foundation in Songea Tanzania, provides a safe place for orphans to call home! Along with the housing, education, medical and daily care for orphans, St. Teresa works to improve the life of the community. While helping create brighter futures for children in need!

This fundraising campaign will focus on phase one to dig the well for St. Teresa’s. The needs are as follows:

Well Drilling, Pump, and solar panel           $ 22,000.00 (Funded!)

Main water tanks (10,000 liters)                    $ 13,333.33

Sub water tanks                                                $ 3,428.57

Phase One:                                                         $ 38,761.90

The clean water project includes a well, holding tanks, pipes, and plumbing along with a solar water pump and the complete project costs $60,000. We’re getting started with Phase One and will organize campaigns for $38,000.

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Last year, Tanzania Tonight, with board members and supporters of   200 Orphanages and St. Teresa’s in Minnesota were able and happy to complete the funding for the boys dorm. It is finished and the boys are moved in thanks to generous donors. Now we’ll get a small start helping fund a deep well that will serve a future girls dorm, as well as the school, and staff, and of course the surrounding community.

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