Boys Dormitory $40,000 FUNDED

The project is underway!

$40,000 has been RAISED, $30,000 sent and begining providing a place to call home.

Already thirty boys have been housed and now have a place to call home. Tanzania Tonight raised an additional $13,000 to be combined with a $10,000 match.

Soon, the remaining $10,000 will be disbursed and the boys dorm will be home to 60 boys who can attend school on site without distractions.

Because donors responded over and above, we’re setting aside the additional $3,000 raised for the next project.

We’re pleased that our new partner St. Teresa’s Orphanage founded by Teresa Nyirenda-Litchy in Tanzania is caring for the children, seeing them grow. She is giving back, having grown up in poverty, Teresa was cared for by strangers… Teresa’s heart for vulnerable children compels her to do the same for orphans in her home country. She founded St. Teresa’s in 2001 as she witnessed so many children being left alone because of the HIV/AIDS crisis. She took action to provide the children all they need to become productive and happy in life.

We’re helping her help the children and babies have a safe place to call home!

This partner is currently running four homes, two at STOF center, each accommodating 18 girls between the age of 13 and 18. Founder Teresa ‘s house as always been used as one of the homes for the orphans due to lack of enough homes at the center.  There are eight children between the age of six and ten.

STOF has also rented one house since October 2013 accommodating six boys between the age of 13 and 15. Each of our homes has one matron who lives with the children. Also, some of our college students live and work in the homes during holidays. We have other children we support, but they stay with their relatives. Some of theses children are not doing the best, but since the homes are full, we just hope that soon we will be able to build another home for them.

200 Orphanages is helping fund the boys dormitory and an infant home. We’ve recently sent $10,000 for Phase one of the completion of the boys home and twenty boys have been able to move in and call it home! There’s more to do! Please help if you can.

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