2 Buffalo for Daily Milk: $2,800 – Funded!

Organization: Ashirvad Children’s Home
Country: India
Mission Focus Area: Sustainability

Donors have successfully funded many projects for Ashirvad Children’s Home and the needs, even like the children, are growing! We’re excited to continue supporting their work.

The children’s home currently provides a daily cup of milk so the children receive their daily nutrition. The cost of the 10 liters of milk consumed daily, costing about $1,470 for 1 week ($210/day).

Ashirvad seeks to increase sustainability by purchasing two buffalo to supply the daily milk to the Ashirvad children. Nearly 120 children drink milk a couple times a day, as well as use it to make buttermilk which helps reduce body heat and provides good nutrients to the children.

Donors can provide nutrition and sustenance for the children of Ashirvad. We have the opportunity to purchase buffalo, feed for a year and a shed, for the organization – providing sustainability and a way to save money, while supplying all of the milk that the children need.

Project Budget:

  1. Cost of 2 Buffalo = $1,945 US Dollars
  2. Cost of the Shed for Buffalo= $278 US Dollars
  3. Cost of the Feed for 1 year = $500 US Dollars

Total Estimated Project Cost: $2,723*

*Project is rounded up to $2,800 to provide additional funds for project overage.

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