Basic Needs Fund

Andrea Davis Commercial Real Estate Company’s is one of 200 Orphanages philanthropic partners. She and her team are seeking to help children around the world with Emergency Relief.

In response to COVID-19 many of our partners have cancelled fundraisers which in normal times would provide for day to day operations.

Last year, because of you, Andrea and Her Generosity Force hosted a Wine to Water fundraiser that raised about $17,444 to provide phase one of a well for 50 girls. The well easily supplies water to the primary school, staff, local community … even irrigation for their crops for Mainsprings in Tanzania.

This year, Andrea Davis Commercial Real Estate is reaching out to her network asking for help in raise $5000 to provide food, fuel for generators, and medicines for the kids in need. Her generosity creates quite a splash in Scottsdale Lifestyle Magazine!

200 Orphanages partners need help with their day to day provisions and it would be great to do something to help. As always, the needs are great, and we know we can’t do it all, but we can all do something.