Ashirvad Dining Hall

So happy to see the project completed so the kids can have their meals in a modern dining hall.

Our donors and supporters worked to raise funds to replace the thatch roof dining hall with a more modern facility. It was also built with additional steps so another floor could be built when needed.

An added benefit of the dining hall is a library that donor funds helped complete.

Update: The Dancing Hand in Hand Benefit was a huge success. $19,000+ was raised–more than enough to complete the dining hall. Thank you to all donors, supporters, and participants!

Background: Originally, Ashirvad applied to be a partner with 200 Orphanages when we first began our mission. We were not able to help them directly because they are not a U.S.- based nonprofit. We were touched by their vision for the children in their care, so we chose to partner with an affiliate of theirs, the Halo Foundation, in Kansas City.

Ashirvad, meaning “blessing,” is just that for orphans and street children living in Tuni, India, and the surrounding villages. Raja and Sudha Sekher left a comfortable life in order to start Ashirvad and provide a home for orphans and street children where they would be cared for and loved. Ashirvad provides food, clothing, shelter, education, and medical care for the children along with emotional and spiritual support. As a Christian orphanage, Ashirvad teaches the children that they are loved dearly by a compassionate God. God’s love for these children shines through Raja, Sudha, and the teachers at Ashirvad. They strive everyday to provide the children with everything they need to live a healthy, successful, fulfilling life despite their unfortunate circumstances.

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