2021 Holiday DinnerIn

This family and friend Gathering raised $4,000 with an anonymous $4,000 match! Thank you for helping create A Gathering Place.

Linda Hanson, Minnesota, hosted a House to House event Nov. 8, inviting friends and family to help her complete a pavilion with a paving stones and a gazebo.

The Gathering Place for the girls in Tanzania will be available for leisure reading, or studying. The girls can spend time in fellowship and enjoy the great outdoors even during the raining season. Also, currently, the area from the showers to the dormitory is dirt.  The girls walk from the showers to the dormitory often through mud or dust. Linda wanted to make a change and you are making this happen!

We’d like to create a patio with walking stones with landscaping for a path back to their rooms and a gazebo for enjoying the outdoors. Linda raised $8,000 that evening and there’s more to do.

Mercury Mosaics, custom designer tile company in Minnesota rallied to the cause. Linda reached out to them sharing her desire to help the girls have a gathering place. The owners and staff were moved to help! They’re creating a mosaic plaque especially for the project in Tanzania.

Others have taken  jars for change home and plan to bring them back late December, 2018.

Draftswoman Cindy Moffit in Colorado also wanted to help. She used her skills to create a draft of the drawing for the project! Thank you Cindy!


You, too can help! We’re collecting funds through December 31, or until the funds are completely raised! You can host a party with a purpose, or social for a cause! Help raise funds with your family gatherings or company party… every amount helps!

Watch for more information! Coming Soon!