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Therapy Equipment: $5,000 – Funded!

Organization: myLIFESpeaks

Country: Neply, Haiti 

Mission Focus Area: Sustainability

MyLIFESpeaks in Neply, Haiti is seeking funding for equipment to expand their special needs therapy program. This partner provides occupational and physical therapy for orphaned and/or abandoned special needs children in myLIFEspeaks care.

In Haiti, VoodDoo culture teaches that children and adults with special needs are “cursed” or “unworthy”. The myLIFEspeaks therapy programs help the children, families, and community see the value and importance in every life-no matter the person’s ability or disability.

The organization has developed a strong and positive reputation in the country and now has families traveling from miles away to utilize the therapy program for their own children, providing them encouragement and services that they otherwise would never be able to access.

Your generosity will enable the therapy staff to offer increased weekly therapy services,  giving the children the resources needed daily for therapy due their disability or injuries.

Photo credits: myLIFEspeaks