Screens For Gulu Girls $1500 FUNDED!

Last December, a generous donor asked if there was anything the girls at the Gulu Girls Home might need, so I reached out to Halo Foundation in Kansas City and Lacy Gordon contacted the director in Uganda.

The Gulu Girls home is based in northern Uganda and currently supports 18 girls. The Gulu area saw over 20 years of brutal violence from the Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA) and is now recovering from the many atrocities it has faced. The war left many children orphaned and traumatized as they saw their families killed or forced by rebels to be soldiers or sex slaves. The home hopes to contribute to the rehabilitation of northern Uganda by providing a group of girls in need with a family-like environment, an education for a promising future, and mentoring to become women of character and leaders in their community as it rebuilds.

Lacy shared that the Gulu Girls Home needs screens on the windows of the dormitory as mosquitos get in through the open windows and malaria is rampant.

I shared the story with Dr. Randy Odero, and he and his wife Jada were thrilled to help. Dr. Odero is an infectious diseases doctor and grew up in Kenya. He’s seen firsthand how the simplest things can make a difference in the health of a child.

The screens were put on the windows and the girls now have a chance to fight malaria and live healthy lives thanks to the Oderos.

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