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Partner Organizations

Each year we identify projects from approved partner organizations to help raise awareness and funds for orphans in their care. Our donors and supporters joyfully help orphans by providing safety, shelter, and sustainability.

Our partners are required to complete an application and undergo board interviews and a review. Our partners are United States nonprofits, or have an accountable relationship with a US based nonprofit. Each partner is required to have good standing with local and national laws and officials in their home country.

Our primary mission is to organize supporters to help raise funds for capital improvements and basic infrastructure. These include, but are not limited to, wells, security walls, dormitories, outdoor latrines, kitchens, livestock pens, and irrigation. All projects pertain in some way to safety, shelter, and sustainability.

Our vision is to provide supporters, donors, and volunteers credible projects to adopt and to help them raise funds to completion. Once funds are raised, the partner organization is required to use those funds toward the agreed-upon project, or one that is similar.

Before our board disburses funds, the partner is required to provide a budget with estimates from the contractor and architectural drawings if necessary. As the project progresses, photos of the work along with receipts are provided as updates.

Organizations can apply to become a partner by initially completing the form below. Once we receive the information, we will contact you. If a partner and project is accepted, the partner is required to sign a Partnership agreement.